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“Scott Shachter’s Outside In is indeed a jazz novel—continually swinging with surprises and insights into human exceptionalism, both inspiring and desperate. It got so inside me I had to go back and read it again for more kicks.” —Nat Hentoff, legendary columnist/social historian and author of 32 books, including At the Jazz Band Ball: Sixty Years on the Jazz Scene, and Jazz Is.


"Outside In is an extraordinary work by any standards, not least because it is a novel that explores the experience of 'genius' and its ever-ambiguous relationship with 'madness' . . . A work of startling imagination . . . Outside In deserves a read, being that rare thing, a jazz novel by a jazz man."
—Jazzwise Magazine


"Scott Shachter’s Outside In travels a literary orbit similar to Douglas Adams or Kurt Vonnegut, rocketing through such disparate worlds as jazz music, zealot gangsters, elder-care facilities, schizophrenic painting, extra-dimensional dog planets, even the Holocaust. By turns hilarious, provocative, surreal and inspiring, it’s a comic, cosmic journey through the meaning of reality and beyond." —Steve Armour, Hollywood screenwriter and celebrated New York jazz trombonist.

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Outside In reached the quarterfinals in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and Honorable Mention in the 2011 Leapfrog Press Fiction Contest.


The Story

His demented neighbors, a mob boss and a choir of interdimensional aliens with sharp teeth are not the only things that stand between Shawn and jazz stardom. A bigger problem is no one likes his crazy music. Worst of all, it scares off Carole, the woman he loves more than anyone. It even scares himself because he knows one day he’ll follow his reckless muse until he goes insane, and Carole will stay away forever. When his soul collides with reality, Shawn must choose between his art and his love.


Excerpt from Outside In

Outside In audiobook sample of first eight pages. Studio narration by Scott Shachter.

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